Announcements and Reminders

Knights Templar is selling coins for charity for $10 each. Contact Joe MacIntyre.

Contribute to the Heart Fund, the Medical Research Fund, and the Eye Founda- tion as best you can.

Please keep the first Monday of the month clear for degree or meeting practice.

Practice your parts! Official Visits started early this year. There is also a rumor that there will be multiple Official Visits to keep us on our toes!


Olympus 27 Chapter Officers
High PriestAnthony
Secretary/TreasurerScot P. Sageserbremertonyorkrite1307@gmail.com360-228-9929
District 5 DeputyJohn M. Brettjmbrett99@yahoo.com253-265-3870
Naval 11 Council Officers
Illustrious MasterJames Houstonjhouston@telebyte.com360-698-7404
Secretary/TreasurerScot P. Sageserbremertonyorkrite1307@gmail.com360-228-9929
Master of Arch 1Anthony
Malta 18 Knights Templar
Commandery Officers
CommanderJeffery Steik
Recorder/TreasurerScot P. Sageserbremertonyorkrite1307@gmail.com360-228-9929
District 4 Deputy InstructorCharles Comptoncomptonchuck@gmail.com360-981-7689
WebmasterJames Houstonjhouston@telebyte.com360-698-7404
Congratulations to the York Rite Officers!